Our photography services

Always where the action is, capturing that unique moment forever.

Krisz Images specialise in photography for yacht races and special projects. Not only do we create beautiful images during racing and capture fun moments onboard we can take precise pictures for sail shape analysis.

Some of our expert services include…

  • We do general yacht photography during the regatta which is usually carried out from the press boats.
  • On-board images during racing to capture the fun for the crew. Make sure that moment is never lost!
  • Sail shape photography (team rib required), pictures can then be sent for analysis to the team for immediate on the spot improvements.
  • Latest technology drone footage to capture that unique and special view of your boat and team in action. Great for team training and improvement.

Our team all have a sailing background and an advanced understanding of the technicality of boats and sails. We not only photograph the sailing life we live it and our passion shows through in our work.

We can also film drone footage and live Wi-Fi image transfer back to your boat during training. This is fantastic for assessing details on the spot and helping teams train for timely technique improvements.

Our services are worldwide and you’ll find us at all major regattas in the Mediterranean, Caribbean or Australia regions. Just look for our grey uniform with our logo on and we’ll be happy to chat.

If you have a question or query don’t hesitate to send us a message and we’ll see how we can help. Alternatively you can call us or WhatsApp us using any of the numbers at the bottom of this page.

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