About Krisz Images

Find out who we are, what we do and what makes us tick!

Krisz Images specialise in photography for yacht races and special projects. Not only do we create beautiful images during racing and capture fun moments onboard we can take precise pictures for sail shape analysis.

Meet Krisztina Vörös. Founder of Krisz Images.

Krisztina Vörös is a self-taught photographer born 1978 in Hungary where she spent her childhood and young adult life. She then moved to Australia to live before becoming an Australian citizen.

Krisztina has had a long-standing love and interest in photography over the years. It was during the 2008 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix that her passion was taken to the next level and she’s been privileged enough to learn techniques from some of the best photographers in Formula 1 history.

During these years Krisztina started sailing at one of Australia’s premier Yacht Clubs in Sandringham where she quickly fell in love with the sport and was eager to learn everything. Krisztina genuinely loves yacht racing due to its intensity and challenging momentums.

Krisztina has competed in many races and regattas over the years and been lucky to capture the action by photographing events such as the Sydney to Hobart, Sydney to Gold Coast yacht races as well as the beautiful race week up in the Whitsundays. Krisztina now travels all over the world to capture all major regattas and do special projects for the boats and their crews.

Krisztina has a passion for yacht racing and photography which shows through in all her work.

In 2018 Krisztina completed a new yacht building project and worked for some time on Superyachts. However, her hunger for yacht racing soon had her back doing what she loves most!

In 2019 Krisztina started to follow the race circuit of the 52 Super Series with her photography equipment and knew right then that this was the career path that she wanted to take. Her hobby would be her work! So, she jumped into the deep end of the yacht racing events all around Europe.

When she can, Krisztina still races herself which allows her to combine the best of both her passions by creating great memories for the crew while being on board and part of the team. You can see this in the photos on this website and if you are part of a crew of one of the boats you can see yourself in the middle of the action.

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